Aviation fuel will become safer

Watching aerial catastrophe recordings, you often see an explosion in a fueled airplane that is a huge threat to the survivors. But researchers have developed a special type of polymer that, when added to aviation fuel, will significantly reduce its flammability.

Air disasters do not always end with the death of all passengers on board. Sometimes a pilot is able to plant a machine on the ground and then the greatest danger is the fuel contained in its tanks. It is enough to spark a few tons of flammable liquid to explode, burying a chance to save.

Caltech researchers, however, have developed a special polymer that, when added to the fuel contained in aircraft tanks, significantly reduces the risk of explosions in the event of impact on the machine.

Preliminary tests have shown that the material is quite effective and does not significantly affect the performance of the fuel itself. Its performance significantly limits the formation of soot, as well as flammable vapors. Thanks to that, the fuel behaves normally in optimum conditions, but in the event of a crash, it is much less likely to ignite, as shown in the video below.

The use of this material on all planes could save many lives.

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