Autonomous Uber’s auto smashed

Uber problems with autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more serious. The American company last Friday broke one of such cars. It took part in a major collision that took place in Tempe, Arizona.

Uber has been working on autonomous vehicles for some months, which he would like to use as a taxi in the future, but he has problems with them in the future. A recent report revealed that cars are far from perfect and require very frequent driver intervention, which for safety is in the cabin.

We have now learned of an accident involving one of these vehicles. The collision occurred last Friday in Tempe, Arizona. The accident was quite serious, because in the photo posted on Twitter, the Volvo XC90 is on the right side and has a broken windshield.

The Uber spokesman confirmed that such an incident occurred and reported that the company was suspending tests of these vehicles in Arizona until a full investigation was made. It temporarily suspends similar activities in Pittsburgh, which began last year.

The company spokesman explained that it was not her car that caused the collision and that his employees had no injuries. The police report shows that another car hit the Uber auto, causing it to overturn.

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