Autonomous scooters on the streets of Singapore

Singapore is becoming an increasingly popular testing ground for autonomous vehicles. For some time there have been tested self-propelled taxis, and now tests have also started on autonomous scooters.

Singapore is a great place for anyone who wants to see street cars without a driver. Several different companies are already testing such solutions. One of them uses autonomous vehicles as taxis carrying people on strictly defined routes, while the other is testing manned passenger capsules that will replace public transport in the future. Works on autonomous golf carts are also being developed there.

Now you can also see the monsters. A team of engineers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed a self-propelled scooter. The machine weighs 50 kg and for passenger safety, accelerates to a maximum of 9 km / h. The vehicle is equipped with a set of sensors enabling him to orient in space and avoid obstacles. Systems can also automatically stop them when they discover an object on the route.

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