Autonomous Google cars on Arizona roads

Google’s online technology company Autonomous Vehicle has been working for some good years. However, in order to be fully functional, they must be tested under different conditions. Therefore, in addition to sunny California, they will soon be meeting on Arizona’s roads.

Autonomous vehicles operate on the basis of the data entered by the programmers and the information they collect by their own sensors. This means that in order to be fully functional, they must “learn” how to deal with different road conditions.

So far, Goolge has tested its vehicles primarily in sunny California, but that is not enough, because it has a temperate climate, and vehicles must also be tested under less favorable conditions, even in low and high temperatures. Therefore, the company is seeking permission to test cars in other states.

Soon cars will be seen in the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. It will be the fourth metropolis next to Kirkland in Washington, Austin, Texas, and Mountain View, California, where the American company tests its vehicles. Phoenix is ​​a desert area that will allow you to see exactly how the sensors will handle extreme temperatures and the ubiquitous dust in the air.

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