Audi will connect cars to signal

This year Audi cars will start working with traffic lights. The driver going to the intersection will know exactly when the lights will change. This does not have to stop, thus saving fuel.

Every driver knows perfectly well that a car burns the least amount of fuel when it is moving at constant speed without violent braking and acceleration. In the meantime, any stopping and starting, for example forced by light signals, raises its wear.

Audi wants to eliminate the need to stop at intersections. This does not mean chaos on the road, because the Ingolstadt company intends to implement this idea in a completely different way. Already this autumn select models from the range of the German concern will be equipped with a direct communication system with light signaling.

Unlike other vehicles that use LTE technology to connect to the city’s traffic management systems, Audi will connect directly to the signal at the intersection. Thanks to this data and on-board GPS, the vehicle will display on the dashboard the time remaining to change the light to green. In this way, the driver approaching the intersection will be able to adjust the speed of the car so as not to have to stop the car, but to cross the road at a constant speed.

The idea is not to use the upcoming DSRV V2V communications system, which allows communication between vehicles, but Traffic Technology Services, which allows direct connection to the vehicle.

The new technology will be on board the selected models. Audi Q7, A4 and A4 Allroad models will be available later this year. Drivers will also need to subscribe to Audi Connect Prime.

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