Audi Fit Driver technology will take care of the health of the driver

Audi has long been proud that its cars are equipped with state-of-the-art technology on the market and this time it also does not disappoint its users. During the Las Vegas Fair, the company presented a technology called the Audi Fit Driver.

Currently, there is a whole range of products that monitor our health and physical activity. Appropriate mechanisms are found in smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, electronic scales, and even dedicated sensors that can be worn on.

Audi has, however, presented its own idea of ​​caring for our health, focusing primarily on drivers. The technology called Fit Driver was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, but this year in Las Vegas, we had a chance to get to know her a bit better.

The system is designed to control the owner’s life features, provided by a smartwatch or other device with wireless connectivity. These devices will measure our pulse and skin temperature to determine our condition while driving. In addition, the data will be supplemented by car sensors that control our breathing, defining the driving style, taking into account current weather and road conditions.

The collected information will then be passed to the appropriate analysis circuits, and special algorithms will decide whether or not to take any action. Among the range of proposed activities will be, for example, activating a driver’s built-in massage system to help us relax, change the temperature of the air in the cockpit, or even launch a special instructional film that includes breathing exercises designed to reduce the level of emotion.

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The Fit Driver also analyzes traffic on the road and, in conjunction with the rest of the collected data, may suggest the driver descend to the nearest parking lot for rest if he finds he or she is too tired to continue driving safely. In case of danger, the system can also automatically stop the vehicle and call emergency services.

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