Attention to the new virus on Facebook

After Facebook, a dangerous virus circulates, which is spreading rapidly. It can lock your computer.

Did your friend mention you in the comment? Such notifications are a very useful feature of the largest social networking site, but it turns out that it can be used by criminals to infect malicious software.

The new threat exploits a vulnerability in the service that prompts the user to click on a notification sent to a maliciously crafted file that is being downloaded from the criminals. This, if launched, starts downloading and installing further malicious codes.

The infected computer publishes the hacked entries, comments, tagged victim’s friends, and sends malicious links to them in the message’s built-in instant messaging service. Of course, all this is to infect another victim.

Unfortunately, the Trojan may also download other types of malware, including ransomware, and thus the virus that encrypts the files on the victim’s hard drive and sends a ransom request to it.

Currently only 10 out of 55 antiviruses included in virustotal detect a malicious script.

I clicked on a crafted notification – what to do?

First of all, if you see a similar notification, or link posted by a friend warn him – the best way to communicate than through facebook (the virus can block the message you sent).

This is a risk for Windows users. If you have not run the downloaded file, you will not be harmed. If it is different, the service will advise to find and remove (after closing the browser!) Files:,, ekl.au3,, force.au3,,,,, sabit.au3 and up.au3.

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