“At the end of the world and still further!”

We are increasingly hearing rumors of manned missions on Mars, the Red Planet burning the imagination of not only scientists but also ordinary eaters of bread. NASA has just unveiled a new prototype of a space suit that can be a step forward in manned space missions to explore other planets. In addition, the presented outfit will definitely appeal to all “Toy Story” fans.

As NASA scientists say, space has not made any significant changes since 1992, now it’s time for space suits. The team is trying to create a suit that the astronaut will be able to put in like a movie in minutes, not an hour. In addition, it is to be flexible, comfortable and not restrict your movements. Z-1, because that is the name of the prototype presented meets all these requirements.

Of course, this is not yet a suit that the astronauts will soon use, but shows what the most worrying scientists of NASA think and what direction the changes are taking. Of course, one can easily see where the researchers were looking for inspiration, at least in terms of dress design. As you can see the cartoons can be very useful, stimulate creativity and creativity. So how did he say Buzz Astral – the hero of “Toy Story”:

“At the end of the World and beyond!”In the new NASA suit.

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