Astronomers dissatisfied with autonomous mowers

Mowing a lawn is a tedious and monotonous task, and therefore, autonomous lawn mowers have been invented, using the same technology as the Roomba vacuums, to handle the homeowner. Not all of them, however, like these devices, and this group includes astronomers.

If you are wondering what it is like to observe the lawn mowing space, I explain that this is a disturbance of the signal. Autonomous lawn mowers communicate with transmitters and the base they return to charge their batteries as well as area stops to prevent equipment from moving away.

It turns out that they are broadcasting a radio spectrum that can interfere with instruments used by astronomers. Mowers use the frequency 6240-6740 MHz, and the same use radio telescopes. This causes disruption in the work of observatories and can lead to erroneous indications.

Astronomers are trying to force the FCC to protect these frequencies. But it will not be easy, as millions of mowers have already been produced, so their modification is no longer in play. Of course, you can make changes to the existing models, but this would mean incompatibility with your accessories, so hardware manufacturers may disagree.

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