Artificial intelligence in Audi cars

NVIDIA, which we know primarily from high-end graphics cards for entertainment computers, has been working on automotive technologies for autonomous vehicles for some time. The company also works with Audi, which also carries out self-driving cars and, together with a German concern, plans to create the most advanced SI on the market.

Audi is well suited to such a partnership as it has been developing its auto-driving technology for several years and wants to launch a third-level technology model later this year. This means that the car will still need a driver who will take control in the event of an emergency, but will largely be able to ride alone.

Both companies plan to implement this plan by utilizing NVIDIA’s DRIVE PX AI platform. Their goal is to develop machine learning technology and neural networks that will help the auto understand the surrounding environment. In this way, the vehicle will not only become faster and safer, but also more comfortable for passengers, adapting to their needs.

It can, for example, adjust the air conditioning settings according to the preferences of the passengers, open the garage doors themselves or determine the best route to the office. What’s more, the on-board SI is supposed to respond naturally to passenger requests.

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