Apple will give up 30

The Cupertino company is striving to make weight loss more and more of its products, but the 30-pin connector, which is too thick, can stand in the way. Apple wants to get rid of it.

Every Apple device owner knows the popular 30-pin connector used on these devices for almost a decade. Unfortunately, the increasingly widespread fashion for weight loss devices can be stopped just because they are simply too thick.

The media suggest that Apple is planning to launch the next generation of iPads and iPhones, depriving the 30-pin connector, thus gaining more space. Since syncing and uploading may now be performed by iCloud, such a connector becomes redundant.

Unfortunately, such a plan will be difficult to implement. The idea of ​​resigning from such a connector certainly will not appeal to the manufacturers of accessories, but consumers themselves may not come up with this idea enthusiastically. Future Apple devices will lose compatibility with your existing docking stations, chargers, or speakers. On the other hand, the new docking port could provide the device with faster file transfers and more battery space.

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