Apple plans to use more recycled materials

It will be greener. Apple has announced in its latest report that in the coming months it will focus on using renewable materials in its products. Such a move is expected to contribute to better respect for human rights by traders extracting gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin that are present in electronics.

Apple plans to focus on the use of renewable materials also in the case of power generation to large data centers. By 2020, they will generate as much as 4 gigawatts of processed raw materials. Reducing the need to acquire new products is expected to take place through the recycling of old equipment, and according to Apple plans new products will already use other components that do not have the minerals mentioned earlier.

The company realizes that it takes time for such drastic steps. Apple still does not know when it will completely switch to ecological power sources and will limit the use of parts with gold and other metals.

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