Apple is working on a new screen and mobile hotspot

The US Patent Office has unveiled two new patent applications from Apple, suggesting that the company has more devices in its plan. The first one concerns an innovative display that simultaneously displays 2D and 3D images and the other is a mobile hotspot.

The first of the patents is called “Spatial Interactive Computer Device” and refers to a display that displays images in 2D and 3D modes simultaneously or separately in both modes, without having to wear special glasses or a headset. Thanks to the user’s eyes tracking technology, the system could present different images to different viewers at the same time.

3D mode has been achieved thanks to the many layers of the display presenting other images for left and right eye. The technology is supposed to be similar to what Nintendo has used in its latest 3DS console model, so that every viewer will be able to see different images.

The second patent is for a hotspot. The application describes a small, cylindrical device without any buttons which, after twisting, turns into two halves. In one of them there are antennas for signal transmission and in the other the battery supplies the electronics and the relay, available in different capacities. Enabling the hotspot would result in a twist of its casing, and would handle several devices at the same time.

These are, of course, only patents protecting technology, which does not mean that Apple will soon launch it.

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