Apple is planning a new 4

Although for some time no longer hear rumors of Apple’s plans to lead the iPhone mini market, the California giant apparently did not abandon this idea. Taiwan sources say they plan to launch it next year by launching a 4-inch model for the iPhone.

Apple has so far had only expensive and powerful smartphones. Meanwhile, many companies perfectly fit into the market demand, in addition to flagship models, offers consumers also smaller and more truncated variants.

The Californian company is well aware that in order to cope with ever stronger competition, it has to offer a more diverse range of products, which will also include models for less affluent customers.

Last year there were rumors that the Cupertino company was planning to use a sales strategy that worked well with the iPad and launch of the iPhone mini. It would be a smaller and slightly weaker version of the flagship model, also available at a lower price. That did not happen, however, and the company went for large screen devices, resulting in 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

This does not mean, however, that Apple has abandoned its plans. Taiwan sources linked to suppliers of components for the California concern suggest that next year it plans to launch a smaller iPhone model with a 4-inch touchscreen.

It is said that Cupertino’s new offering will be directed primarily to women who do not want the bigger iPhone 6 and need a device that could easily handle one hand.

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