Apple explains the function of WiFi Assist

The new feature in iOS 9 is the WiFi Assist feature, which has already made a lot of noise around it, when it turned out that it was possible without the phone owner’s knowledge to consume the Internet package he had purchased. Apple has decided to reassure all iPhone users who are concerned about the higher costs of connecting to the network and explain how the new feature works.

IOS 9 brought a lot of new features and one of them is WiFi Assist. This is a system that automatically detects that our WiFi connection is too slow and to speed it switches to cellular. Switching between the two systems is imperceptible to the user and he or she can still enjoy high speed internet.

The problem is that WiFi Assist does this without your knowledge, which can lead to a significant depletion of your Internet package, even if you are at home. It is enough to temporarily decrease the strength of the WiFi signal and the smartphone already switches to a cellular connection.

Apple representative claims, however, that iPhone users do not have to worry that WiFi Assist will use their entire Internet package, though he acknowledges that a small percentage of its users can benefit from this feature. It also ensures that the feature will not work if we are in roaming, so the vision of a giant phone bill for internet connections made abroad is untrue.

The good news is that the feature only works with the application we are currently running and which we are currently using, not with background programs. So if you are afraid that your internet package will be used by applications such as Waze, Google Maps, Facebook or some other, these are baseless concerns. What’s more, WiFi Assist does not work with third-party video and audio streaming applications and email attachers.

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The above clarifications should calm some Apple smartphone owners who are afraid of the new feature.

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