Apple designs electronic cigarette?

The latest Apple patent has been added to the network, suggesting a new direction for the American concern. This is because technology is well known for electronic cigarettes.

Apple is a company well known for the manufacture of computers and mobile devices. Recent revenue has fallen slightly, so the company is looking for new ways to make a profit. One of them may be the production of electronic cigarettes.

This may sound a bit absurd, but a patent from a Cupertino company has been introduced to the network, showing electronic cigarette components that turn liquid into steam, similar to those found in the devices sold. The difference is only in the heating element, because it is in the special chamber where the fluid is placed and then changed with steam in the heater.

The patent indicates that the heating plate would be adjustable, just as the temperature to which it warms up. When the substance was exhausted, the plate would hid deeper to make more room, and after replenishment, it would again go up again, starting the reheating process.

The patent application for the technology described above was submitted last summer and published this week. Interestingly, it will not be limited to electronic cigarettes. This heating system can also have other uses, eg in heated jackets.

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