Apple can work on its own AR glasses

And yet! Despite repeated criticism of Apple’s AR solutions, the company is probably working on these types of glasses. Employees are already testing their conceptual versions, which apparently are not very successful. The reports say that testers complain of eye injuries, eye fatigue and headaches.

Gizmodo Portal has reached a report on the health damage caused to Apple employees while performing their professional duties. The document contains detailed descriptions of up to a dozen cases of this year that affect eye injuries. They concern testing prototype mysterious glasses.

Combining these two months of gossip and the patents filed last year, it’s easy to suspect that it’s AR. Bloomberg reported that Apple’s new solution will compete with Google Glass and HoloLens. Analysts predict that Tim Cook’s glasses will be on the market no sooner than in 2020. According to them, it will be the most technologically advanced device available on the market.

When asked about Apple’s comment on the matter, Tim Cook said only that the company sees a big future in AR solutions. He did not confirm the opening of the glasses, but suggested that they continue.

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