Another elementary particle was discovered. Will a Nobel for a Pole?

At the press conference at CERN confirmed the discovery of pentakwarku. This elemental particle, whose existence was already predicted in 1987 Polak Michael Praszałowicz. The scientific community speculates that the scientist will be honored for his Nobel Prize research.

The press conference announcing the results of the study was held today in Geneva. One of the speakers, Guy Wilkinson, said, “The Pentakwark is not just another elementary particle. It is the way to systematize quarks, constituents of protons and neutrons, according to a pattern that we have never observed for 50 years of experimental research. Knowing its properties may allow a better understanding of how the matter, protons and neutrons, all of which we are created, are built upon. ”

The existence of a pentakwarku was postulated in 1987 by Michał Praszałowicz. Theoretically, the particle was supposed to consist of four quarks and one antique. This is a combination of the trichanger system (together there may be three quarks or three antiquarks) with a double quark (quark pair and antiquark). The predictions have been confirmed – the newly discovered particle consists of 2 quarks top, 1 bottom, 1 luscious and 1 charming antique.

The first reports on the discovery of pentakwarku appeared in 2003. Takashi Nakano and Ken Hicks were researched. Soon after the publication, further research teams verified the experiment and did not achieve similar results. In the following years, information on the confirmation of the existence of the pentakwark was made several times, but none of them was fully confirmed.

Experiments using the Great Hadron Collider have, however, allowed the exploration of pentakwarkes from different perspectives and ultimately their existence. Looking through the prism of this modern tool, scientists compare previous exams to look at silhouettes in the dark, and LHC tests to observe in full light and from every possible angle.

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The scientific community has already speculated that Michael Praszałowicz is a strong candidate for the Nobel Prize. Confirming his theory, which was created almost 30 years ago, is indeed a strong premise to reward him.

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