Another Amazon bookstore in San Diego

Amazon, which has spent years selling books online, decided to change its business strategy several weeks ago and opened its first physical bookstore. The idea proved to be a great success, so the company runs another bookstore, this time in San Diego.

It would seem that physical bookshops are a survivor, as customers either switched to online books or switched to ebooks. The case looks very different, as evidenced by Amazon, who launched his first physical bookstore in Seattle last November. You can not only buy paper and digital versions of books, but also other products offered under the name of the American concern.

The idea caught on, so suggestions were made that companies would open dozens of new bookstores in many US cities and it looks like the plan is being implemented. Representatives of Amazons have announced that another San Diego bookshop will soon be available, which is located just outside the Apple Store and near Tesla.

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