An amazing view will be kept up to date

It is hard to see how great impact humanity had on the first photo, where we saw a “little blue dot” suspended in the dark – a home planet without boundaries and conflicts that appear to be important on the surface. Only the beauty that we have been able to get to know more and more, especially thanks to the crew of the International Space Station, is undeniable. After the photos and movies finally came time to broadcast live.

The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV), which is currently undergoing high resolution viewing, is based on the transmission and sharing of the current image of the planet-directed cameras located on the International Space Station.

The shared message can be viewed on Ustream and on the page where the current position of the station is displayed in parallel. The project, co-created with NASA high school lice, allows you to remotely change the position of your camera from Earth and to switch between them. Unfortunately, to enjoy the view, we will have to be patient – firstly, at every lap, the station is in the dark for a time (black screen), and the second day brings a lot of technical interruptions (gray screen).

Within the framework of the project, several different commercial cameras located in the Columbus module are continually recording and transmitting images to Earth. The analysis of the work of the device is expected to allow after the end of the experiment in October to evaluate and select such devices for future missions.

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