Americans will build a subway for nuclear missiles

The situation with North Korea is getting tougher and it may be possible that escalation may occur in the future. So Americans want to be prepared for the possibility of a nuclear attack, so they plan to build a network of underground tunnels to transport missiles.

Inside Defense reports that the Nuclear Arms Center, which is part of the Air Force, will donate $ 3 million in grants to companies that will explore the technical possibilities of constructing a tunneling tunnel underground network next month. The system, whose construction is planned until 2075, would allow safe storage and transport of weapons to silos.

The idea is not at all crazy, because in the nuclear war, moving missiles would be more difficult for the enemy to destroy than if they were in a silo. Rockets would be transferred to runways at regular intervals, depending on the length of the tunnels.

The USAF does not give a clear indication of the location of the tunnels, nor does it determine how much time they would have to be built. However, they must be very large in order to minimize the possible impact of the attack during all phases of the operation. The cost of the project is also very difficult to estimate.

Maybe even exceeded the US financial footprint, so there is another idea to build mobile launchers adequately reinforced and filled with electronically protected electronics that would carry rockets all over the country. This project is also not cheap. Last year, one of the analysts, the cost of building a fleet of 500 such mobile launchers, estimated at about $ 52 billion.

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