Amazon will give jobs to 100 thousand people

Amazon has prepared 100,000 new jobs for US citizens. The company ensures that these are full-time job offers. They contain full medical insurance and are intended for people of different educational levels.

Amazon wants to make a strong point in Donald Trump, who announced that during his presidency he would create many new jobs for American citizens. The e-commerce giants announced plans to create as many as 100,000 new jobs.

Posts are designed for people with different backgrounds and skills, and this is full-time work with full medical insurance, paid leave (including 20 weeks maternity leave) and other benefits. The company needs people of very different specializations, engineers and software developers, providing them with a high salary, a retirement plan, and a stake in the company. Amazon also ensures that women and men can count on equal pay.

The new proposal is primarily designed to improve the company’s image in the eyes of consumers, as the company has been accused of preferring periodic contracts in the past to bypass the need for employees to pay premiums and other benefits required by law. The corporation wants to change its perception and ensures that everyone can now count on a permanent contract even if he or she performs only a few hours a day.

Amazon wants to implement a new employment plan within the next 18 months. The largest number of employees will be in Washington, Texas, California and Kentucky. There will also be new server rooms of the concern.

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