Amazon will drop our parachute order

Amazon has introduced a new idea to deliver orders with drones. The company wants to drop them on parachutes, right in the hands of the audience.

The American Amazon company is constantly working on new concepts for improvements to its trading platform, focusing primarily on the delivery of ordered goods to the customer. The company has been developing a concept of drones for some time, which will instantly deliver to customers, landing in front of their homes or in the driveway.

It turns out, however, that the leader of internet commerce has one more, possibly much more interesting concept. The company presented a patent for a new method of ordering by air, which still uses drones, but the way the goods are delivered is completely different. Dron, instead of landing on the recipient’s property, would drop a parcel on a special parachute.

Amazon believes that this concept is much more effective, and above all safer, as it would avoid situations where dron would damage a pet, a baby, or an object. Parachutes can, however, be pushed by the wind, so the precision of such deliveries remains an open question.

Amazon has dealt with this issue with special sensors. Dron will monitor the landing of the consignment, and if he registers that he is off course, he will take specific actions to direct the landing.

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