Amazon perfected their delivery drones

The American company Amazon has to wait a bit longer before the rules governing commercial use of drones are changed, but the company wants to be ready for the moment. That is why it employs specialists who will develop a navigation system for her unmanned.

Although there are still aviation laws in place to prevent autonomous deliveries, they should soon be changed and commercial use of unmanned vehicles will be possible. The company is constantly working on the development of this system and, as reported by the media, employs computer vision specialists to help develop the navigation system. Thanks to it, the drones will be able to move on their own and will not crash on the first tree found.

In the team that will handle this project, we will find former Microsoft engineers and will work in Austrian Gas. Specialists will have a lot of work, because Prime Air drones will not be controlled by pilots, but they fly by themselves. And that means creating a functional navigation system that allows you to identify objects such as other drones, planes, helicopters, or birds, and make it easy to find a safe place to land.

We also need to develop a communication system between drones, as well as a sonar, laser rangefinder and other self-contained flight sensors.

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