Alphabet will leave another branch

Alphabet companies are beginning to undergo more and more restructuring, abandoning risky businesses. Another American giant’s idea is to sell a department dealing with satellite imagery of our planet.

Until recently, Google has been seen as a technological concern that invests in a variety of bold projects that can change the world. However, it turns out that most of these projects do not bring expected profits, which of course does not like the stock investors of the concern.

For some time, Google has changed its business strategy by abandoning many modern projects and becoming a typical technology company. Over the past few years, the American giant has abandoned the smart glasses Google Glass, the construction of a stand-alone car, and recently also from the Internet with drones powered by sun.

Now the company is planning to get rid of the department dealing with satellite imagery. In 2014, the American company purchased Skybox Imaging, for which it paid $ 500 million. The unit has developed and launched seven satellites, equipped with state-of-the-art optical equipment, to make satellite images of our planet in high resolution. These materials were used on Google Maps, but they were also sold to third parties.

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