Almost 40% of people do not see the difference between the quality of DVD and Blu-ray movies

Since there is no difference, why overpay? This is exactly what 39% of Britons think about taking part in the latest poll commissioned by MyVoucherCodes. Although Blu-ray movies are on average only a few pounds more expensive than DVD releases, many people are opting for a cheaper deal because the quality provided by older technology is sufficient for them.

A survey of 1348 people showed that as many as 39% of moviegoers did not see the difference between Blu-ray and DVD at home. On new media paper, you can achieve five times the resolution of the image (1920 x 1080 pixels instead of 720 x 576 pixels) and more than six times better sound (27648 Mbps instead of 6144 Mbps for uncompressed path). In practice, it turns out that even owners of modern home cinema systems are comfortable watching movies in older technology.

As a result, as many as 81% of the respondents did not opt ​​for a Blu-ray player. Interestingly, every fifth owner of such a device has in his collection only 3 discs in the new standard, while as many as 38% of the testers have over 100 DVDs, and 44% from 70 to 100.

The popularity of Blu-ray, a technology already on the market already 6 years, intensively promoted by film companies, is due to several factors. A very strong argument against “is definitely the price of movies on” blue media “. If for the British 3 pounds more is the reason why he chooses a DVD what do Poles want to say? In our country, a new movie on Blu-ray is often twice as expensive on DVD.

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The main problem is that the price seems to be disproportionately higher to the quality of the new standard compared to the old one. DVD movies actually look tragic on Full HD TVs, but only at close range. A few meters away, which usually divides the viewer from the TV, blurs the difference. There is also the motion of the image, not to focus on the details, and above all the plot, the acting, the photos and the music – the elements of the film much more important than its quality, and the same for both releases.

The study shows that many people simply do not need Blu-ray movies. Film companies and publishers try to convince the world that it is different, as evidenced by the appearance of old movies released in the new format (such as the cult Star Wars saga).

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