Alexa will start the conversation

Amazon is constantly working on improving the functionality of its digital assistant. The latest reports indicate that since the fall, Alexa will be able to start a conversation with the user.

There are already several types of digital assistants available, such as Siri, Cortana, and Alex, but all these technologies can only answer users’ questions. In other words, they will not speak for themselves unless they have a reason for doing so.

However, the media reported that Amazon is going to change it. The engineers of the concern are working on changes that will be introduced to the assistant this fall. They will make Alexa speak for herself. Of course, they will not be the typical conversations we can have with a friend. Instead, the assistant will speak, informing notifications coming from applications and other devices.

If, for example, the oven ends, Alexa will notify us. We also know when our surveillance camera detects motion or when we receive a text message. We will then be able to ask the assistant for details about the event we are reporting.

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