Airlines are getting better and better with changing weather

Modern technologies increasingly used in airplanes not only make it easier for pilots who no longer have to carry heavy instructions and flight plans. Thanks to the better weather forecasting system, flight delays are also reduced.

The biggest threat to passenger flights is still the fickle weather. Powerful storms, strong winds, or fogs that are flying to airports often lead to flight delays, and it generates measurable losses for airlines. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology in the form of better satellite imagery and more accurate weather forecasts, it is possible to reduce the impact of weather conditions on the operation of aircraft.

How much in 2003 the number of delays caused by bad weather reached as much as 50 percent, but in 2013 it was reduced to just 36 per cent. What’s more, some lines such as Delta and American Airlines equip their planes with sets of special sensors that automatically provide weather data for flight control, helping keep the engine away from bad weather.

The future of airlines looks even better. Thanks to the new weather satellites, which will start operating in 2016, the precision of weather forecasting will be further enhanced. In this way it is possible to predict in advance which airports may be closed due to bad weather, which in turn will allow them to direct flights to nearby airports, and planes will no longer have to circulate in the air, waiting for the weather to improve.

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