Airbus Air Taxis

The French company Airbus, already in 2020 will present flying taxis called Vahana.

The increasingly cramped streets of big cities cause serious difficulties in moving. When hurrying to the airport or having to meet the appointed time, we are not sure if we can do it. These plans can thwart a dense movement.

In that case, many probably dream of flying and the French Airbus is going to realize this dream. The company announced that it plans to introduce its air taxi called Vahana in 2020.

The project assumes the creation of unmanned, fully autonomous flying vehicles that would carry one passenger to the destination. Vertical take-off and landing machines have two pairs of wings on which four motors appear. The wings have an adjustable rake angle to facilitate vehicle movement and the drive will be fully electric.

In order to ensure the safety of the passenger, Vahana will be equipped with advanced anti-collision technology to ensure that the taxi itself can bypass obstacles on its route.

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