Advanced electronic translator

Fujitsu has shown the latest version of LiveTalk technology. It is an advanced electronic translator who on the fly translates speech from various languages. The system can be very useful during business meetings with international partners, but not only.

A few dozen years ago, when we wanted to communicate with the people of the country we went to for vacation, we had to know the language they were using. Today is not necessary, as more and more advanced translation systems are being developed, translating in-flight speech from other languages ​​into understandable languages.

One such technology was created by Fujitsu, and it is called LiveTalk. This is a system introduced last year and its new version was shown during CEATEC 2016. The device translates speech in real time, supporting a wide variety of languages ​​and allowing mutual understanding for people who do not speak the same language.

LiveTalk can have many uses. It will be useful not only during business meetings, but will also find use in schools, helping to learn foreign languages.

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