Acura moves the dashboard into the digital age

During the Los Angeles LA Auto Show, the producers presented a number of innovations. One of them is a concept cockpit that can be seen at the Acura Japanese stand.

The virtual cockpit on the latest Audi models is currently one of the best on the market, providing drivers with plenty of useful information while driving. The huge liquid crystal display that replaces analog clocks displays not only speed and engine speed information but can also serve as a navigation screen,

So far no company has managed to get close to the functionality of the Virtual Cockpit, but Ingolstadt may soon have a strong competition in this area. This is Honda’s Acura brand, which in Los Angeles has presented its vision of a digital cocktail called Precision Cockpit, using the Android platform.

At the place of traditional clocks, a 12.3 “LCD display, the center of the automotive infotainment kit, was installed. A special trackpad placed in central control was created to control its functions.

However, it is not a typical trackpad we know, for example, from laptops or other car models, as it works in a manner similar to the traditional touch screen. Clicking on the corner of the trackpad, for example, will trigger the display in the same place. Such a concept is intended to replace the physical buttons completely, as the user will be able to learn the position of the virtual icons in time, which will enable them to operate intuitively.

The screen can be divided into two parts in 60/40 proportions, and the main part of it on the left will be used for applications and navigation. On the other hand, this one on the right will be used for multimedia, weather, notifications, etc.

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The display can also present a three-dimensional view of the road created with built-in cameras. All obstacles, other traffic users and pedestrians will be marked on it. With Artificial Intelligence, the vehicle is expected to anticipate the movement of other vehicles by showing their probable routes on the screen, thus allowing the driver to respond better in the event of a threat.

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