Acer fined for lack of security

Acer must pay the US government $ 115,000 fine. This is a penalty for the lack of adequate security that has led to the theft of 35,000 credit card numbers.

It would seem that hacking into Yahoo, which has stolen data from over a billion users, will teach other companies to strengthen their servers. But the situation has changed little by little, with Acer being fined by the New York prosecutor’s office.

An American branch of the Taiwanese computer manufacturer, in June last year, was hacking into servers where hackers stole credit card numbers belonging to 35,000 shoppers at his online store.

At the time of the prosecution’s case, it became clear that Acera’s technical support had committed a number of cardinal security breaches to the server, making it much easier for hackers to do so. First, the company’s e-commerce platform was left debugged between July 2015 and April 2016. That way, all the data going through the store page was not encrypted and sent by plain text. In addition, the company’s website was misconfigured and unauthorized access to the history of the site.

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