A TV to which you never want to connect another audio system

The main features of the televisions that buyers pay attention to are high quality images. After the purchase turns out that the sound quality is satisfactory, but truly spatial impressions can only be obtained by connecting the amplifier, subbase, speakers… Bose offers a comprehensive system, enclosed in a single enclosure that emits incredible sound quality.

Bose is known for high quality audio products, since the beginning of April in the company’s offer appeared a TV. This is a VideoWave entertainment system that combines home cinema features including a 46 “diagonal 1080p LCD screen and audio system in one.

The buyer does not have to worry about fixing and choosing the best speakers, a bass module or a way to hide the cables to connect the speakers. Outstanding sound, better than many home theater systems, is integrated with a high-quality screen.

An interesting solution in VideoWave is the ability to transfer control of all players and consoles to one small touch panel remote control. The VideoWave home entertainment system can be rated at the Bose showroom and by several authorized dealers. Even if we do not intend to spend 27 thousand. For a TV set, it is worth checking how a perfect sound system should work.

VideoWave offers true cinema sound. Even at maximum volume, the sound of music and programs playing is clear and devoid of audible distortion. The system was the subject of ten years of research in BOSE laboratories and the effect was achieved by 15 speakers located behind the screen. In order to make the low tones better than the reality, an unconventional channel system was used in which the sound “rises” to emit.

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