A technician error exposed a New York airport on a hacker attack

Specialists have just discovered that the New York-based airport, Stewart International Airport, has not been protected from hackers for nearly a year. Its backup servers, since April 2016, were not password protected.

American companies often show a complete lack of preparation for cyberbullying, whether due to negligence or poor IT skills. An example of such recklessness is New York City’s Stewart International Airport, located near Manhattan.

Specialists have discovered that for almost a year, backup airport servers were available to virtually everyone. During the routine work carried out in April 2016, errors were made in which the servers were not password protected.

Investigations have shown that over this time 760 GB of data was available for practically everyone. And there in them, social security numbers port workers, building schemes, as well as emails. As a result of computer errors, backup servers functioned as public, and access to the files on them was not protected by anyone. Investigators found that as a result of negligence, every component of the international airport network could be exposed to a hacker attack.

The investigation has also shown that the port has practically no importance to ensure proper operation of its network. The airport cooperated with the private company AvPORTS, which dealt with its computers. It looked like one IT person appeared twice a month at every airport location. No wonder, then, that such a serious security flaw was noticed only after almost a year.

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