A new way of producing hydrogen

German Space Center researchers are testing a new hydrogen production method using the typical xenon lamps used by theaters. Their goal is to develop a more efficient way to produce this gas using sunlight.

Hydrogen can in the future successfully replace the typical fossil fuels, driving not only our cars, but also producing energy to power homes. The problem is that so far the methods of producing this gas are expensive and inefficient, but German scientists are working on creating entirely new ways.

Space Center specialists are working on the Synlight project, which aims to split water molecules into hydrogen atoms and oxygen, using the power of our Sun to do so.

The test included a special system consisting of 149 xenon lamps used in cinemas stacked in a honeycomb pattern, focusing their light on a 20 x 20 cm area. The amount of energy generated in this way is 10,000 times that of sunlight and produces a temperature of 3500 degrees Celsius. Construction of this kit consumed $ 3.8 million, and in 4 minutes it consumes as much energy as an average household needs within a year.

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