A new series of environmentally friendly tires

Bridgestone has just launched a new family of tires called Ecopia on the Indian market. Tires have a special design that reduces the burning of the car by as much as 10 percent, thereby reducing the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Tires, in spite of appearances, can have a significant effect on fuel consumption in our car, as it depends on the size and also the rolling resistance. Bridgestone has recently designed a new type of tire called Ecopia, which is launching on the Indian market. Products of this family are characterized by great care of ecology, because thanks to special construction, they reduce fuel consumption by about 7-10 percent. And the smaller the combustion, the less CO2 gets into our atmosphere.

Tires are available in two variants: EP150 and EP850, the first being for passenger cars and the second for SUVs. Both models have high durability and provide good road holding. They were made from a special blend of ingredients that were specifically matched to the roads in India and used vehicles there.

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