9 Reaper Big Wing with a new flight record

Military drones must remain in the air for as long as possible to ensure maximum efficiency. The true record holder in this field is the MQ-9 Reaper Big Wing, the latest version of the unmanned army, developed by General Atomics engineers.

Predator B / MQ-9 Reaper The Big Wing is the next generation of military dron used by the US military for many years, which has been significantly improved over the previous version and thus significantly longer stays in the air. During the reconnaissance missions over California, it was possible to achieve as many as 37 hours of flight without any break, which is up to 10 hours more than the previous model.

Predator B / MQ-9 Reaper The Big Wing is the latest Predator model from the B family that made its virgin flight on 18 February this year. The engine can boast a 24 meter span of wings, which is 4 meters higher than its predecessor. Thanks to its larger size it can also take on board more fuel, which allows it to fly from 27 to 42 hours depending on atmospheric conditions.

In addition to improving the dwell time in the air, the dron also has a shorter takeoff and landing path, as well as automated flaps that provide much greater precision in landing maneuvers. It also features more weapons and accessories as well as better flight control software. The construction of the machine itself has also been strengthened, providing greater resistance to weather and better combat capabilities. The new communication system is a complement to the changes.

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