512GB microsd card

Just a little bit and microSD cards will successfully replace us with portable disks. Their capacities have increased dramatically in the past few years, and the latest models are already in line with standard HDDs. At Computex, Microdia has unveiled one of the largest models of its 512GB capacity.

For transferring data between computers we usually use hard drives in portable versions or if there are not many, we use much more handy pendrives. Soon we will be able to use memory cards as well, as models of capacities of several hundred gigabytes will appear, which will fit in the size of the postage stamp device.

During the Computex fair, Microdia presented at its stand a microSDCX card of up to 512 GB. The Xtra Elite supports the UHS standard, delivering data at 300 MB / s. However, it must be added that this is a SD 4.0 card (has an extra row of pins), so if our device does not support it, then the data will be sent only half the speed.

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