150 eye prostheses from a 3D printer per hour

3D printers can do a lot, but they are probably best used in medicine, where they are used to produce well-fitting and durable prostheses in different parts of our body. Thanks to them they can also produce cheap eye prostheses.

Prosthesis of the eye are produced entirely by hand, and this is a rather expensive and long process, because you have to put a lot of work in them to be as true as a real eyeball. In reducing the cost of their production, however, they can help 3D printers that will do it faster and above all much cheaper.

British company Fripp Design, together with Manchester Metropolitan University, has developed a new method of producing eye prostheses using 3D printing. Created by a joint effort, the Spectrum Z-Corp 510 printer produces as many as 150 of these prostheses in just one hour, resulting in significantly reduced costs. For comparison, hand-made prosthesis is created for 10 weeks and costs 3000 pounds.

Of course, this does not mean that Fripp Design can produce 150 ready-made prostheses per hour, because each one is personalized for a particular customer, which slightly increases the production time, but still it is much shorter in comparison to the traditional way. As far as costs go, one copy of such a prosthesis costs only 100 pounds, so 30 times less.

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